POWR 2 X RFID Signal Blocking Pouches Anti-Theft Faraday Bag Protector for Keyless Car Key fobs | Blocks RFID/WiFi/GSM/LTE


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  • A RISK WORTH TAKING? - A car is now stolen every 2 minutes. Our POWR Signal Blocking Pouch will stop thieves being able to amplify your car key signal and steal your vehicle with ease.
  • TWO KEY FOBS - TWO POUCHES: Many people will overlook their spare key fob and leave it unprotected. We provide two pouches to ensure that you can protect any spare key fob or multiple vehicles in your household.
  • STYLE & DURABILITY - We have selected the highest quality materials for our pouch. Our Faraday cage is constructed from our special dual weave nano materials ensuring the highest level of protection. We have also extensively tested the durability of the pouch to make sure none of the seams will unravel. Unlike our competitors POWR Signal Blocking Pouches contain a single section, ensuring that every item within the closed pouch is completely protected.
  • EXTENSIVE COMPATIBILITY - POWR Signal Blocking Pouches have been tested and are compatible with over 99% of all Remote key fobs. You will receive 2 pouches, allowing you to protect your spare key at home, or multiple vehicles in your household.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Unlike other suppliers, we are so certain you will love our product that we offer a 3 month money back guarantee for returned products. We are a UK based company, with UK Customer Services. We pride ourselves on offering the best Customer Service.