sourcing map 3mm Carbon Fiber Bar For RC Airplane Matte Pole US, 200mm 7.8 inch, 10pcs


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1.Size Name:10pcs 1.5 * L200mm

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  • PARAMETER - Material: Carbon Fiber; Diameter: 3mm; Length: 200mm / 7.8 inch.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - The carbon fiber rod has good heat resistance, corrosion, rubbing performance.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Lighter than aluminum, yet stronger than steel.
  • APPLICATION - It is widely used in stunt kites, mechanical equipment, robotics, as well as helicopters and R/C cars.
  • PACKAGE CONTENT - 10pcs x Carbon Fiber Bar.

Carbon Fiber Tube, is used of high-tech carbon fiber composite material made of prepreg.
Carbon Fiber is perfect for construction that requires great strength without excess weight.
00% Carbon Fiber Bar, high strength, corrosion resistance, surface smoothness, straightness good, stable performance.
Its specific strength and elastic modulus are actually higher than carbon steel, yet it is lighter than aluminum.
It has good electrical conductivity and very good tensile strength.
Decorative carbon fiber tube at the same time has the appearance of D effects.

Material: Carbon Fiber
Length: 200mm / .8 inch
Diameter: mm

Package Content࿺
0pcs x Carbon Fiber Bar