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3.:0.5 Metre

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  • Material: Extruded Silicone
  • Uses: Engine - Automotive - Coolant - Water
  • Item: Hight Quality Silicone Hoses
  • Note: Cannot be used for pressurised applications
  • Operating Temperatures: (-) 60°C to (+) 200°C

Extruded Silicone Tubing is ideal for use as: Vacuum Lines - Washer Tubing - Coolant Overflow - Wire Insulation - Emission Control.
Available in up to 10 Colours to match any engine bay styling requirements.

Hose specifics

-Operating Temperatures: (-) 60°C to (+) 200°C

-Item: Silicone Vacuum Hoses

-Coil Length: 30 Metres

-Colours: Blue - Black - Red - Clear - White - Orange - Purple - Pink - Green - Yellow

-Material: Extruded Silicone

-Use: Air - Water - Vacuum - Coolant

Richard M
22 May 2019
Clean, black, inert Silicon hose of high quality. Extremely flexible and soft. Ideal for the project I needed it for. Would need support to route across a large gap (say over an engine) as its not like the stiff PU line that is used for old style advance and retard mechanisms in IC engine distributers.
Carl C
12 April 2018
This was a cheaper option than what I was originally looking at and it's basically the same as what I was originally using. It doesn't kink or fold like some other hoses I have used in the past.

I will buy more as and when it's needed.
24 September 2018
good quality hose that fitted perfectly and is very flexible. time will tell how well it stands up to hot and cold temperature of engine bay.
does appear to be better quality than OEM
4 February 2018
Arrived on time no problems
Very disappointed with colour - looks like it’s been left in a shop window for a couple of years really dull colour
Quality ? - it will do I suppose
Buy cheap
Get cheap
11 December 2018
yet to be fitted but looks correct
Ali M.
22 July 2018
it doesnt even it leak vaccum.
James Bryan
31 August 2016
Terrible quality item.

Part arrived dirty and was cut 35mm too short.

Collapses under vacuum its so soft.
James Bryan
31 August 2016
Item arrived as a brown sort of colour, very soft and collapsed under vacuum.

Cut length was also 25mm too short.