Car LED Music Light, Wireless IR Remote&Music Control,4pcs waterproof DC 12V Multicolor Car chassis Light LED for DIY Christmas Home Kitchen Car Bar Indoor Party(Total 198 LED)


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  • Using PVC as the shell material, can be bent arbitrarily, high and low temperature, waterproof and other advantages!
  • Wireless remote control power switch (C) and color pattern (B), 7 light colors with 6 flashing mode chosen at random, direct election of colorful rhythm variable (D), red and blue alternately flash (A key), increase your journey of fun.
  • Can be connected to the brake or the door switch power supply (Dan Hong), when the brake or open the door, the lamp will be used as a warning lamp.
  • This Car LED Strip Light uses LED as a light source to save energy and save electricity. Working voltage: 10V-15V maximum power: 12W.
  • Installation part: can be installed on bumper, intake grid, cab, tail, bottom

12V Colorful Music Control RGB LED Lights For Car Glow Underbody Neon W/Remote
1. High brightness, strong adhesive strength, quick drying speed,and not easy to crack
2. It can be bent, fold, wound and fixed in place easily, perfect for under wheel arches, around the front grille, under foot-wells, in the trunk, along the dash, etc.
3. It will make you feel magical when driving at night with this flexible LED light strip
4. It can be installed easily by yourself at the garage
5. They are commonly used for lighting up the under car body for show purpose.Specifications:
1. Operating Voltage: 10V-15V2. Max Power Rate: 12W3. Light Color:(7 Colors)Pure RedPure GreenPure BlueYellow (Green+Red)Magenta (Red+Blue)Cyan (Blue+Green)White (Red+Green+Blue)4. Shell Material: PVC5. Length: 90 cm( 3") & 0 cm (24") . Appearance Color: Black
7. Weight: 720 g / 15.4 oz
A: RGB Flash Alternately
B: Change Flash Mode / Color
C: Power On/Off
D: RGB Gradual Change
9.Length:2 Light Strip 90cm,2 Light Strip 120cm,4 Cable is about 420cm
10.wire connection
Red wire:positive power(+)
Black wire:negative power(-)
Single red wire:brake power or door switch power
Main Features:
(1) the effect of sound control
(2) the waterproof grade is IP8, suitable for indoor and outdoor use
(3) DC12V voltage
(4) strong, high seismic resistance
(5) low energy consumption and high brightness
() no radiation
(7) flexible, compact size, easy to install
(8) life span: 100000 hours
(9) easy to install and can be installed inside or outside of the car.
Package Included:
2 x 3 inches (90cm) 54-LED waterproof LED strips
2 x inches (120cm) 72-LED waterproof LED strips
1 x Control Receiver Box
1 x Remote control Detail Image